About Valdes Supply

In service since 2010, Valdes Supply markets and distributes for leading manufacturers of facilities maintenance, janitorial, automotive, and petrochemical products, providing direct shipment of products from suppliers to wholesalers, retailers, and end users nationwide.

Valdes has successfully formed strategic partnerships with corporate buyers of corporations and large entities, leveraging expertise and supplier relationships to stabilize, strengthen and grow lasting value through the supply of necessity based products. These relationships allow for some of the most recognizable names in the country to rely upon Valdes in a myriad of different categories.

Valdes services Fortune 500 Companies, government agencies, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and more with a diversified offering. Valdes encompasses wide-ranging product lines in categories such as automotive and heavy duty chemicals, de-icing materials, janitorial, and facilities maintenance supplies.

Through a unique managerial foresight and dedicated sales team, Valdes has consistently provided quality products at competitive prices, combined with fast lead times and extensive knowledge of market dynamics. This comprehensive formula has cemented Valdes’ reputation of reliability, dedication, and impeccable customer service.